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We hope you were able to join us at the Hilton, April 3 2018

2018 is the 50th year since Dr. King was killed and it will be marked and remembered by individuals and groups new and old.  For our annual remembrance and honoring of those fighting to move us forward, the April 4th Foundation has changed the night of our banquet to April 3rd for this year to separate from the busy day and allow for continued meaningful reflection and recognition of Dr. King and truths for which he died.

Coming sooon - Photos from the 2018 Banquet

Our 2018 'I Am A Man Award' Honorees

Click on the picture for more about each
Jesse Lee Douglas Sr., Ph.D.

James Charles Evers

Kris Kristofferson

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland


Our 2018 Banquet Co-Chairs

Gale Jones Carson

Florence Hervery

David Lenoir

Mary Tate-Smith


Our 2019 Banquet will be at the Hilton, 939 Ridge Lake Blvd., 6:30 pm, Thursday April 4th. Join us as we remember and honor those who have helped us move forward.

See the brochure for the 2018 Banquet.

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